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The Makoto Platform

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The professionals at Makoto Flow Ltd have spent the last 30 years crafting and honing their unique know-how skills and application of optimization best practices.  Throughout those years, a natural key contributor for success is having the right leaders embracing these best practices on a daily basis. 
For that reason, we have one of the most robust “lean thinking for leaders” coaching & mentoring programs focused solely on assisting lean leaders in sustaining their efforts. 
We have shared that  knowledge and our formula for sustainability on the stages of top businesses globally in over 57 countries and with several leading Fortune 500 companies.
Our advisory and mentorship programs specifically target the needs of Senior Executives & Mid-Level Leaders evolving in the Manufacturing & Service sectors who are responsible for improving their monthly cost of operations, erradicating business inefficiencies as well as bridging cultural mindset gaps.
All of our consulting professionals have an average of over 20+ years’ of extensive experience within the industry. Of the 19 most profitable sectors of industries in the world (according to Forbes 2016) we have worked with 17 of those industries. Our expertise resides within the Toyota Production System (TPS), globally known as Lean Management, which has helped Companies increase their capabilities and market share. Our specific field of focus drives the application of specialized methodologies and practices that:

  • Optimizes systems, processes & talent execution

  • Creates alignment across the organization with lean thinking changing “mindsets & behavioral” actions of leaders

  • Enhances the journey of your customer experience

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The Ignite Your Talent Workshops

With more than 75+ Lean Workshops & Certifications available & designed specifically to support implementation & sustainability of a lean culture, Register below to learn more about these powerful learning experiences.


Geno Johnston



“I had the pleasure of learning leadership and Kaizen under DJ at Peterbilt Motors for two weeks. His ability to reach out and stretch an individual to empty their cup from bad habits to new insights of continuous improvement was an incredible journey. His style of teaching is fun and challenging. DJ has a deep knowledge of Kaizen methodology and is able to teach by example. His expertise and passion will benefit any organization from teaching, coaching or application of Kaizen.”

Senior Operations Auditor, Truck Manufacturer (USA)
Ignite Your Talent Advisory & Workshops
What you will learn and how.
Optimitation Consulting

We offer a scalable set of advisory services ranging from Getting Started to Full Transformation programs. From 1-5 days to year long onsite advisory and implementation.

Areas of Focus:

  • Lean Thinking Principles & Practices
  • Making the Complex, Simple
  • Standardize, Visualize & Improve
  • Takt, Flow and then Pull Thinking
  • Insistent, Consistent & Persistent
Coaching the Lean Mindset
Program focusing on sharing knowledge of how others have harnessed the power of “Lean Thinking” to impact mindsets. We create value with our proven and time tested “Makoto Blueprint” that has delivered real business results to Allow our students to gain insights on Operational Excellence that leads to Exceptional Customer Experiences. The program includes:
  • 1 on 1 Coaching – focused on execution consistently
  • Group Coaching – Systematically approaching common leadership practices to challenges with peers in industry
  • Lean Mindset & Behavioral Change – The practical application of 12 Key Behaviors that support the usage of lean systems and tools
75+ Workshops addressing various proficiency levels that cover, Foundational Knowledge, Intermediate Knowledge and Advanced Knowledge.
  • Basic workshops are Informative & Action Oriented including 6 Core Fundamental Workshops that engage the mind, influence real processes and delivers outcomes.
  • Intermediate includes a variety of Customized Practical Workshops that are designed specifically to develop the skill sets and competencies to facilitate small to medium scoped projects.
  • Advanced covers Change Agents of Complexity enabling a deeper level of knowledge that expands across the value chain of the organization.
Our Japan Lean Immersion Tours are life changing events that are critical to any lean transformation. From the moment you arrive in Japan to the time you depart, we ensure that your every experience is a special one. Each day we visit a different site that is designed to “stretch” the traditional applications of Lean so that participants come away with a clear understanding of what good looks like for their business or team. Our lead facilitators and staff members bring extensive real-world experiences of implementing Lean globally.
What they say…
“I had the opportunity to attend a Manufacturing Excellence Community Event held at Hewlett Packard. The event themed “Productivity”, DJ & Geno shared their Operational Excellence experiences with an audience of close to 80 and all of us were wowed by their witty yet insightful presentation.”
Manager, Corporate Strategy (Singapore)
“This OE Project workshop taught us information for sure but they didn’t just give it to us, we had to live every bit of it and through that, we experienced the horrors of traditional leadership and the advantages of lean leadership.”
Director of Engineering, Parts Supplier (USA/China)


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