Optimization Experts

“Operational Excellence takes PRACTICE, Not Just UNDERSTANDING”

With more than 50yrs of combined experience, our hands-on, interactive & project based Operational Excellence Certificate Program (OECP) offers those that are serious about making an impact, a chance to see first-hand its value.

Our OpEx approach drives real impactful change to any service or manufacturing business platform.

Common outcomes include:

  • 100% Knowledge & Application Retention
  • 60% Reduction in Lead Time Activities
  • 50% Increases in Customer Deliverables
  • 35% Reduction in Operational Costs

The message we want all of our participants to get instantly and clearly is that the actions you take are more important than the knowledge you gain. Through our hands-on coaching, our program is about changing the way work is done, not debating whether we should or shouldn’t!

The in-depth knowledge of operational excellence gained through our selected engagement workshops will provide you and your organization with a competitive advantage over your competitors.

The Impact

Value Stream

Results & Action Focused, through a sequence of structured activities where OpEx activities are used primarily as the method of implementing improvements that enhance the Customer Experience or as a means to make laser focused changes in business practices.

Alignment with Company Goals (Strategy), hence all OpEx activities have direct alignment & impact with the overall business strategies providing positive opportunities to grow your Business Competitiveness and satisfy Stakeholders needs.

No Involvement, No Commitment, with the focus on participation, our primary way of engaging OpEx activities is with people and leaders of the organization who have direct responsibilities for attainment of outcomes. This is fundamental to ensure that the continuous improvement culture takes root.

Creation of Standards & Daily Activities, OpEx activities utilize specific Principles & Practices to identify areas of opportunities and then execute a “strategy of action plans” to eliminate the waste or inefficiency. Standards are created and then improved through the proactive use of Plan Do Check & Act Cycle (PDCA).

More than 200+ individuals and 50+ companies have engaged our

OpEx execution strategy.


The Operational Excellence Certification Program can be executed

on-site in as short a time as 4 months to as long as 10 months.