Ignite Your Talent

Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching

Since our core teachings & mentoring are deeply rooted in the Toyota Production System (TPS), we are consistently reminded of those four critical attributes supporting its purpose. Simply put TPS is about providing the best quality product or service, at the right time and at the lowest possible cost.

People Development is the key component at the heart of this system. We work hard to develop exceptional talent within organizations and here are the reasons why:

  • All businesses need people with “thinking capability”
  • Developing that “capable mass” supports sustainability
  • Capable mass requires a clear plan, learning opportunities, time and patience
  • Selection of key personal with the desire to learn is vital
  • Generation of ideas, focused improvement areas and then solutions is impactful to the bottom-line

With more than 75+ workshops developed and ready to offer, we would be honored to share our passion in engaging the minds and hearts of your people. From supporting and igniting Foundational Learning, to customizing a full suite of modular learning for the development of a Lean Academy or Center of Excellence.

Foundational Knowledge

Basic workshops are Informative & Action Oriented including 6 Core Fundamental Workshops that engage the mind, influence real processes and delivers outcomes.

Intermediate Knowledge

Intermediate includes a variety of Customized Practical Workshops that are designed specifically to develop the necessary skill sets and competencies to facilitate small to medium scoped projects.
 Equipment Effectiveness

Creating & Demonstrating Application – A variety of Customized Practical Workshops that are designed specifically to develop the skill sets and competencies to facilitate small to medium scoped projects (90 days or less) and deliver agreed upon results.

Advanced Knowledge

Advanced covers Change Agents of Complexity Workshops enabling a deeper level of knowledge to expand ones influence across the value chain of the organization.  
 Equipment Effectiveness

Change Agents of Complexity – Enabling a deeper level of knowledge that expands across the organization ranging from New Products Introduction (NPI & Innovation), to Machine Capacity & Efficiencies (TPM/SMED), to Value Chain Concepts (Supply Chain) as well as Planning & Production (Leveling of Resources) through visualizing & understanding the End to End implications.


Value Chain Optimization

The relationship between business transformation and corporate culture is a profound one.  Our Transformation Approach enables a top-down mandate and a bottom-up movement.  This is why we engage executive leadership in connecting their “critical path of value” to drive the right catalyst for change.   Our 4 Phased Approach is principle centered and practical.  It is designed to drive four core elements – Engagement of People (Leaders), Linking Business Strategies, Driving Laser Focused Execution & Ensuring Value Generates Cash for the Business.  

Lean is 80% about PEOPLE and 20% about TOOLS

We believe and advocate the Teach Do Method because RESULTS MATTER! Therefore, our Classroom time is 30% and our Application time is 70%