Lean Immersion Tours

Informing, Engaging & Inspiring Lean Knowledge, Concepts and System Thinking
“A truly life changing experience for Lean Leaders!”

Our JAPAN LEAN IMMERSION TOURS (JLIT) connects your business with real world solutions and applications of Lean.

Clearly defined our JLIT is a full-immersion experience into the elements of a lean culture. These customized programs are designed to open your eyes, broaden your minds, and deepen your perspective into “Lean Thinking”. 

Informing, Engaging & Inspiring the Application of Lean Knowledge, Concepts & Systems Thinking

The true benefit of this experience will ultimately be measured by what we do differently. However, here are some common outcomes:

  • Creation of a Lean Roadmap of “how to activities” focused on next level performance.
  • See specific cost reduction & productivity ideas that can be easily copied or adopted immediately.
  • Common understanding & knowledge of the “Lean System” that creates a network of supportive people bound by the Lean journey together.
  • Alignment of best practices that Lean Leaders embody.
  • Learn from other’s failures & successes.
  • Recognize traditional thinking verses lean mindsets and behaviors.
  • So many others….


Geno and DJ

Each Lean Immersion Tour is customized to our clients’ needs and challenges. This includes site visits, simulations, facilitated discussions, training & education on concepts, case studies of best practices, development of action plans and sometimes when we are lucky, a visit to “like to like” industries.

No matter what, we always ensure a unique mixture of sites, suppliers & consumers that clearly demonstrates the power of the lean thinking methodologies.  We specifically design our experiences to eliminate any points that drive “we are different or we are unique” kind of excuses for not implementing lean.

Past tours included different program architectures, concepts & industries such as:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Financial & Shared Services
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Resorts
  • Innovation & Smart Technologies
  • Logistics
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Shipping & Transportation (Inland Sea Air & Land)
Geno and DJ

Our lean experts and daily practitioners (consultants & Japanese sensei’s) have a combined experience of more than 80+ years of influencing companies to transform the way business is done. Our professional logistic & linguistic team members ensure even the unspoken needs of our participants are achieved.

Cost – Our Best Price is called the “Gold Standard” @ $6,900 USD per attendee.

Our Range of Costs are dependent on the number of sites to visit, number of participants, distance & travel methods/arrangements, level & location of accommodations and desired outcomes/training/learning events. 

Cost Range

– $5,500 USD per attendee – “Silver Standard”

– $6,900 USD per attendee – “Gold Standard”

– $8,500 USD per attendee – “Platinum Standard”

Group Size – 11-18 People (Discounts available past 13)

Price Covers:

  • Welcome to Japan Package (Tips & Guide)
  • Orientation for the Weeks Events & What to Expect
  • Site Visit Overviews (Executive Summary of their Business)
  • Site Visits to Professional Organizations – Customized (5 to 7 Sites)
  • Hotel Accommodations for 6 Nights (4-5 Star) & Experiencing a Japanese Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Hot Spring Hotel)
  • All Transportation In & Around Japan – Keeping You Comfortable & Safe (Trains, Buses, Taxis, Planes, etc.)
  • 3 Balanced Meals Daily (All Dietary Needs Addressed)
  • Professional Know How of Consultants & Supporting Materials (More than 25+ years of Experience Implementing Lean)
  • Training/Conference Rooms for Briefs (Drinks & Snacks Available)
  • Professional Facilitation & Documentation of Daily In-Out Briefs
  • When Requested, Training & Simulations on Lean Concepts
  • One-on-One plus Group Coaching Opportunities (20 & 45 Days After Tour Completion – via Zoom or Go To Meetings)
  • Expert Translation Services throughout the Tour
  • Guides for Cultural Aspects like Temples, Shrines & of course…Shopping!
  • WiFi Connectivity Everywhere (just not during Tours & Briefs)
  • Site Visit Photos & Shared Files plus Case Studies (Google Docs)
  • A Professional Collage of the JLIT Experience with Daily Activities, Company Profiles, Site Photos & Lessons Learned

“I have great memories of your fantastic Lean Immersion Tour through Japan.  Your insights, real world applications and excellent leadership support has forever changed me – March 2017!” 

Sr Management Consultant (Denmark)